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Charting the Course: RCG Med&BS Annual Meeting 2023

The Regional Coordination Group for the Mediterranean and Black Sea (RCG Med&BS) is set to convene its annual meeting from August 29th to September 1st, 2023, in Madrid, Spain. This distinguished gathering will unite a consortium of experts, stakeholders, and policymakers for a rigorous four-day debate on pivotal matters shaping fisheries data collection in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.

The comprehensive meeting agenda spans a wide spectrum of subjects, each carefully selectedfor meaningful deliberations. Sessions will delve into pivotal topics, encompassing data requisites, regional databases, collaborations with projects, the regional work plan, scientific surveys, and the latest coordination updates on diadromous species’ .

As the meeting unfolds, participants will immerse themselves in profound discussions that commence with welcoming and introductory sessions, setting the stage for ensuing dialogues. Of profound significance is the participation of the European Commission, affording valuable insights into the exact data prerequisites for the ongoing year.

Noteworthy discussions include the methodology behind Fisheries Dependent Information (FDI), the dissemination of data, and the evaluation of Annual Reports for data collection and data transmission issues from 2022. Subsequent sessions will deal with crucial themes such as the Regional Database Med&BS, the challenges surrounding data transmission, and the precise identification of data requirements.

Throughout the ensuing days, dialogues will mature, revealing collaborations and insights for improved regional coordination.

As the meeting nears its conclusion, participants will actively contribute to the formulation of decisions and recommendations. The concluding sessions will have a special focus on the Regional Work Plan for the Mediterranean and Black Sea region. Together with otherissues, such as the rotation of RCG Med&BS chairmanship for the forthcoming five-year term (2024-2028), and the group´s preparation for the forthcoming Decision meeting in September.

This group highlights the commitment to sustainable fisheries management through regional cooperation, improved scientific data, knowledge exchange, and strategic decision-making. As we engage in these discussions, we collectively shape the path of fisheries management, ensuring the health of marine ecosystems for generations to come.

The conclusions and deliberations of the group will be compiled into a comprehensive report, available under the “Reports” section offering valuable insights into the outcomes of the 2023 RCG Med&BS Technical Meeting.