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Experts in Large Pelagics Fisheries Convene for Annual Coordination Meeting

The Regional Coordination Group (RCG) Large Pelagics (LP) is meeting for its annual in-person technical meeting from June 26th to June 28th, 2023 in St. Julians, Malta. The meetingbrings together experts and stakeholders in the field of large pelagics species.

The RCG LP meeting serves as a crucial platform for exchange of ideas among participants and collaboration between member states. All outputs of the meeting will be compiled into the RCG LP 2023 Annual Report, ensuring transparency and accountability in the decision-making process.

The meeting agenda features a comprehensive schedule, covering various topics of interest. On the first day, the meeting will begin with welcome remarks, adoption of the agenda, and an overview of the report format. Feedback from the Commission on the Data Collection Framework (DCF) will be shared, highlighting important aspects related to the RCG LP. Subsequent sessions will focus on specific areas such as ISSG Tropical Tunas, Longlines fisheries outside the Mediterranean Sea, Mediterranean Sea large pelagics fisheries, Metiers and Transversal Issues, Bluefin Tuna, and discussions regarding the Regional Database.

The second day of the meeting will continue with discussions on topics including Baitboat/pole and line fishing, feedback from ICCAT and IOTC on data needs and gaps, and the status of Recreational Fisheries. Additionally, updates on the Regional Work Plan, the future of the RCGs Secretariat, and the roadmap for fish genomics will be presented and discussed.

On the final day, the meeting will focus on organizational arrangements before delving into discussions on RDBES development and the future direction of RCG LP. Decisions and recommendations for National Correspondents (NCs) will be made, and the meeting will conclude with an open discussion on other matters, including the selection of the venue and chairs for RCG LP 2023. The RCG LP Annual Meeting 2023 poses a significant turning point in shaping the future of Large pelagics fisheries management. Through collaborative efforts and informed discussions, the meeting aims to enhance data collection, address knowledge gaps, and develop actionable plans for coordinated sustainable fisheries at a regional level.