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Fishn’Co at a glance


Fishn’Co project will end on February 2023 and to celebrate it we have prepared a video that summarizes the work done over the last two years. The viewer will be able to understand through this video the importance of the collection, management, and use of fisheries data that are essential to provide sound scientific advice.

In addition, the video elaborates on the complexity of this process and the diversity of existing procedures that have highlighted the importance of a change to ensure the consistency and uniformity of the data collected for fish stock assessments.

Jöel Vigneau, Fishn´Co project coordinator, explains in greater detail what are the main challenges encountered in this process and how Fishn’Co has contributed to overcoming them. Fishn´Co project, in collaboration with the Regional Coordination Groups (RCGs),has developed regional work plans (RWPs) for the North Atlantic, North Sea, and Eastern Arctic region; Baltic region; Large Pelagics and Economics Issues.

Hand in hand Streamline project has also worked along the same line, developing a regionally coordinated work plan for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea region. In the video, Alessandro Ligas, Streamline coordinator, explains the importance of coordination between both projects.

For the recording of these images, we have taken advantage of the in-person meetings held over the past year in Ostende (Belgium) and Vigo (Spain) attended by the members of RCGs network and Fishn’Co partners.