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FISHN’CO partners and experts workshop in Vigo


Partners of European project FISHN’CO met this week in a hybrid event hosted at Fundación Centro Tecnológico del Mar-Fundación CETMAR with the aim of advancing the development of the Regional Work Plans (RWP), the main objective of the project.

The workshop, held from 18th to 20th October, lasted over three days in which the participants first addressed the progress made within each work package, detailing the main achievements and the remaining milestones with the goal of finding solutions together.

In addition, the experts focused on carrying out an evaluation of the lessons learned throughout these almost two years of the project, along with the design of a strategy that guarantees the continuity of the work developed in FISHN’CO by the Intersessional Subgroups (ISSG).

On the other hand, parallel sessions were held in which the experts worked in subgroups, according to their expertise. A method that allowed them to address essential issues in more detail and then share the outcomes with the rest of the group in plenary. Good progress was made, in particularly on the establishment of decision-making processes for the adoption of RWPs and on the compilation of all elements that are part of the RWPs.

During the last day of the meeting, attendees took advantage of the occasion to outline the details of the pending project deliverables and the final steps before the end of the project in December 2022, after two years of intense work between partners.

In summary, the meeting served to carry out an evaluation of the status of the project in its closing stretch, as well as providing an excellent opportunity for planning the final event of FISHN’CO.  The event will disseminate project findings and outcomes to key stakeholders and wider audience.


FISHN’CO is a MARE grant funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) that works on the development of RWPs in order to provide a more complete view of fish stocks through coordination in the collection of fisheries data from different regions.

Specifically, FISHN’CO is focused on developing regional work plans for the following RCGs: North Atlantic, North Sea and Eastern Arctic; Baltic; Large Pelagics and Economics Issues; a work that is possible thanks to the participation of experts from 28 institutions from different Member States of the European Union.

Name of event: FISHN’CO Workshop

Dates: 18/10/2022-20/10/2022

Location: Fundación Centro Tecnológico del Mar-CETMAR, Vigo, Spain

Details on/ number of: 23 participants from 13 Member States