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New information about ISSGs is available

Intersessional Subgroups

Our website hosts a new section dedicated to the Intersessional Subgroups (ISSGs) in which users can learn more about these structures whose main function is to support the workplan of Regional Coordination Groups (RCGs), across the year. In this section, it is easy to identify aims, chairs and RCGs involved in each ISSG.

Throughout these years, we have been incorporating different contents focused on the objectives and working methods of the RCGs and the projects and activities that are being developed around them.

However, to have a wider knowledge of their work and achievements it was necessary to detail the role played by each ISSG.

On the one hand, RCGs are groups in which several Member States meet to coordinate data collection and whose work plan is configured through a round of annual technical meetings.

It is in the period between these meetings that the work of the ISSGs gets realized. In them, experts are organized around specific topics, currently there are 14 thematic areas on which they work throughout the year, to present their progress in the annual technical meetings, as well as the obstacles they have encountered.

In addition, the ISSGs are responsible for proposing for approval the updating of their Terms of Reference with the tasks and objectives for each new period.

Therefore, the work carried out by the ISSGs is the central content discussed at the annual technical meetings held by the RCGs and is an essential part of coordinating data collection.

If you want to know more about ISSGs and their specific areas of work, do not hesitate to access the ISSGs’ website section.