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Do you want to know more about Secweb project? Watch our video!

viedo fisheries RCG

In line with SECWEB project objective of promoting Regional Coordination Groups (RCGs) visibility and to disseminate RCGs work and outcomes, the RCG’s Secretariat has been coordinating the recording of a video that is launched today. The video allows users to learn a little more about how the RCGs are structured and what their work consists of, as well as to explain the functions of the Secretariat itself.

For the recording of these images, we have taken advantage of the in-person meetings held over the past year in Ostende (Belgium) and Vigo (Spain) attended by the members of the RCGs network and Secweb partners.

The video begins with a reference to Data Collection Framework Regulation that currently establishes a harmonized set of rules for the collection, management and use of fisheries data in the European Union. Making it possible to learn more about the requirements that Member States must meet and the role that RCGs play in the context of the DCF.

Regarding the activity of the RCGs, it goes back to their beginnings to show us the evolution in the organization and the way of working. This is evidenced in the second part of the video where, through RCG’s chairs statements, viewers can learn more about their current structure, their working methods, and the main challenges they face.

This evolution has evidenced the need to create a Secretariat to support administrative tasks and to facilitate coordination and communication between the different groups. Therefore, the RCG Secretariat has been successfully case tested within the SECWEB project.

Finally, the video offers a thought on the advantages and benefits that the incorporation of this new actor has provided to the RCGs network and their way of functioning, putting the main focus on the exchange of experiences and the search for joint solutions.