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Now available RCG ECON Annual Technical Meeting report – 2022


The annual report of RCG ECON technical meeting 2022 is now available under  Report sections. The report   is composed of seven main sections and it was compiled after the annual technical meeting (TM).  Section 3 is dedicated to the list of recommendations, followed by summary of work plan for 2022-2024 (section 4) and an overview of the work done under each ToR (section 6). Details of draft Regional Work Plan can be found in Annexes, along with a separate file  Annex IV – Guidance with highlighted issues.

RCG ECON 2022 annual TM was held from 4th to 6th May online , with the participation of: 53 experts representing 23 Member States, Joint Research Centre, DG MARE and ICES. The meeting agenda started with presenting the level of ambition for regional coordination of economic and social data collection developed under  Fishn’Co project.

Feedback from the two dedicated workshops, both organised as virtual meetings in 2022, was also presented to the group. Recent workshops included an alternative approach to the segmentation of fishing fleets and a workshop on aquaculture. The group discussed if the new alternative way for fleet segmentation based on fisheries/stocks would be more valuable than the operative one stated in the current legislation as for some member states the current segmentation is not sufficient. The aquaculture workshop discussed how the data submission and correction process can be streamlined with the help of JRC to have more time in the STECF aquaculture EWG meetings to prepare the EU overviews and special chapters with a deeper economic analysis.

Issues related to the work plan implementation and data transmission were discussed. In addition, the draft regional work plan prepared by Fishn’Co project was introduced to the group. The draft regional work plan includes current guidelines, definitions, methodology and statistical Handbook which are available online The group agreed that the regional work plan needs to be developed further with the help of experts from all member states.

A comparative analysis carried out in Fishn’Co project on capital value and capital cost estimation and inventory of issues with PIM was presented. The current work in the Fishn’Co project on the data available for national profiles collected outside the EUMAP was also introduced and the work continues until the end of 2022.

Finally, the updates from the SecWeb project were presented about the supporting administrative tasks and online visibility of the RCGs. The RCG ECON 2022 justifications and recommendations in relation to all issues mentioned above can be found in section three of the report, as well as the detailed description and objectives provided in section six.

The ISSGs reports can be found under this link

The RCG ECON 2022 report is available here