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RCG NANSEA and RCG Baltic back-to-back Annual Technical Meeting 2023

The AnnualTechnical Meeting 2023 of RCG NANSEA and RCG Baltic, starts with one-day virtual session on May 25th followed by the plenary meeting in Gdansk from 6th to 9th June. This annual event serves as a platform for experts, national correspondents, stakeholders and the Commission to convene and discuss critical topics for the Regional Coordination Groups, paving the way for future actions.

During this year’s meeting, participants will delve into a wide range of subjects related to fisheries data collection, exploring new approaches and initiatives to address existing challenges. The agenda is designed to facilitate fruitful discussions and promote knowledge exchange among attendees.

The meeting will commence on Thursday, May 25th, with the RCG chairs extending a warm welcome and introducing the meeting’s objectives. They will establish house rules and adopt the agenda. The agenda includes dedicated sessions aimed at defining the next steps and identifying short-term and long-term actions. These sessions will involve feedback from ISSGs on various topics, including “Survey,” “Electronic monitoring technologies” “Regionally coordinated stomach sampling” and “Diadromous species”

The upcoming days will feature engaging presentations and discussions in plenary on various aspects related to coordinated fisheries data collection. The meeting will include informative sessions led by different ISSGs, where participants will focus on specific areas of interest and develop actionable plans for short and long-term actions. Additionally, feedback from organizations such as ICES, WGRDBESGOV, and the Commission/STECF will be shared. Another important highlight of the event will be the presentation of a new stakeholder database, aiming to improve communication and interaction within the network.

As the meeting progresses, participants will also have the opportunity to address pending tasks and development plans for the upcoming year and evaluate the outcomes of the working groups. Furthermore, the agenda allows time for crucial discussions regarding the RCG Secretariat’s status, as well as the selection of venue and chairs for the RCG 2024.

Concluding on Friday, June 9th, the meeting will wrap up with a compilation of recommendations and decisions. These recommendations and decisions are taken forward to the Liaison Meeting that it will take place at the end of September 2023, closing the annual cycle of the RCGs..

The Technical Meeting 2023 promises to be an essential gathering for fisheries data collection experts, fostering collaboration, and driving advancements in the field. It provides a valuable platform for sharing knowledge, coordinating activities regionally, and shaping the future of reliable fish stock assessment and fisheries science.