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Evolving the on-line working environment, tools and services of the RCGs Secretariat for the Regional Coordination Groups (RCGs) community (SECWEB 2.0)


The Regional Coordination Groups are the main hub for regional coordination and cooperation within the different regions contributing to the fisheries Data Collection Framework. They also make efforts to coordinate their actions with third countries having sovereignty or jurisdiction over waters in the same marine region.

In accordance with the Reg (EC) 2017/1004, RCGs should aim at developing and implementing procedures, methods, quality assurance and quality control for collecting and processing data with a view to enabling reliability of scientific advice to be further improved.

RCGs consist of experts appointed by Member States, including MS’ national correspondents for data collection, and the Commission Currently, they involve more than 300 experts and more than 100 organizations in all the EU Member States.


SECWEB 2.0 will develop and implement a set of innovative tools and services to enhance the RCGs’ capacity to harmonise the collection, management, and share of fisheries data through improved knowledge management and communication approaches, enabled through RCGs Secretariat as the RCGs support structure.

All the members of the RCGs and those involved in the DCF community will be consulted and engagement will be encouraged for the co-design and co-creation of the project results.

Specific objectives

Workplan Structure

Expected results

Contribution to EMFAF


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In this brochure you have the summary of the SECWEB 2.0 project.

Funding & Duration

Budget: 345.945€
Max. EMFAF grant: 276.756€


June 2024 - May 2026
Partners: CETMAR

Centro Tecnológico del Mar - Fundación CETMAR (Spain)