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SECWEB Project Successfully Achieves Goals for Supporting Regional Coordination Groups (RCGs)

After two years of hard work, the SECWEB project has come to an end after successfully achieving its objectives, which included developing mechanisms to support the planning and execution of administrative tasks, as well as improving the branding and online visibility of Regional Coordination Groups (RCGs).

Through the development of a framework and the establishment of a secretariat, SECWEB has enhanced the efficiency of administrative procedures within the RCGs and has improved communication among the extensive network of experts, organizations, and institutions involved in these community thanks to the development of a database tool  that will enable much more efficient communication processes.

Moreover, the project has identified elements from the pilot experience that could be used to maintain the service for the entire network in the long term, as well as the main challenges for implementing it

In the other hand, SECWEB has promoted good practices in communication, involving all stakeholders and reaching out to a more general audience. The visibility of the RCGs and their work, as well as the experts who materialise it, has been greatly increased through the use of current and effective communication tools, including the website, videos, infographics, newsletters, and a harmonized and standardized style guide. This task has allowed to convert RCG’s website as a reference point for the entire community to find complete and up-to-date information on the composition and work carried out by the RCGs.

The Secretariat business model has been positively evaluated by the RCG network for its efficacy and valuable contribution and has laid the foundations for a long-term support structure. Looking ahead, the network is expected to maintain the efficiency, level of service, and strengths generated by the SECWEB project thanks to the commitment reached by Member States to continue supporting the project throughout 2023, while exploring the best formulas for stabilizing it in the future.

With SECWEB’s successes in enhancing the RCGs’ administrative procedures, improving communication practices, and increasing their visibility, the project has laid a solid foundation for the long-term support of the RCGs and their work.