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The 2023 Liaison Meeting on EU Fisheries Data Collection – a forum for regional coordination

The 20th Liaison Meeting on EU Fisheries Data Collection is set to take place on September 26-27, 2023, in Brussels, Belgium. The Liaison Meeting is a forum for the Regional Coordination Groups (RCGs) representatives to exchange on data collection activities, with special reference to regional coordination. The Liaison Meeting brings together the chairs of the RCGs, end users (ICES, STECF, RFMOs) and the Commission. This year’s Liaison Meeting will be chaired by Marie Storr-Paulsen from DTU Aqua, Denmark.

Day 1: September 26

The first day of the meeting kicks off with an opening speech by the Commission, setting the scene for discussions with updates on different subjects such as: dedicated data calls and reporting of data transmission issues, Control regulation and MAP, among others.

The first day of the Liaison Meeting is dedicated to an exchange with the end users, featuring presentations from ICES, STECF and RFMOs (IOTC, GFCM and NAFO)These presentations will be followed by engaging discussions in plenary sessions.

The agenda also includes highlights of Regional Coordination Group (RCG) activities, with RCG chairs sharing their insights and engaging in discussions relevant to end users and other RCGs.

Day 2: September 27

The second day of the Liaison Meeting delves into specific recommendations and proposals for future intersessional work within the RCGs. It includes an overview of how member states responded to RCG Data calls, which is vital for streamlining work and decision-making. The day will feature presentations from RCG chairs, covering the full set of RCGs: Baltic, Economic Issues, Large Pelagics, Long Distance Fisheries, Mediterranean and Black Sea, and North Atlantic, North Sea and Eastern Artic.

The agenda continues with discussions on the main outcomes of the ISSG Diadromous and its position within the ISSG framework. Additionally, there will be insights shared on the structure of RCGs, cooperation, and new pan-regional ISSGs. The day concludes with announcements of new RCG chairs, future meetings dates and venues, ensuring the smooth transition and continuity of efforts.

Closing Remarks

The Liaison Meeting on EU Fisheries Data Collection is consolidated as a dynamic event that facilitates collaboration, addresses important issues, and shapes the future of fisheries data collection. Participants will engage in productive discussions, share valuable insights, and work towards sustainable fisheries management.

Previous Liaison Meeting reports can be accessed through the DCF website